Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pop-Up Shop at West Elm

Several artist friends of mine have had the honor of being a featured artist of the month at West Elm. A few of my other friends have their work permanently featured in the "Made Locally" section of the Charlotte store.  After inquiring about their events and local artist selections, I was offered a pop-up shop event for the holidays.  I was so excited (to say the least).
So, the night of Tuesday, December 9th from 6-8pm, I was in the store with all my wares.  The space looked AMAZING!  I set up my luscious pillows on a wrap-around couch adorned with faux fur throws, my onesies and Christmas stockings dangled from above, and my cards, silk canvases, and framed paper prints decorated table spaces.  I had a great crowd and made some wonderful sales.  I also had a drawing that included an 8 piece hand-printed Christmas card give away.  The lucky winner was a lady I met through Charlotte's Arts and Science Council.  Her and her husband were shareholders for the project I did back in September where I had to make 50 pieces of art.  How wonderful to see them again!
I can only hope to do several more events like this in the coming year.  It was a major success, not to mention a huge honor to have been selected by West Elm.  They were so accommodating and their staff was so helpful.  Thank you West Elm of Charlotte--what a great note to end 2014 on!

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